⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ “If you have not read Nicolina Martin you are in for a treat!!
Ms. Martin writes angsts like no other. She makes it so you feel all the feels right down to your toes!! ”


About Nicolina.

I conquer the world, word by word, dive into my deepest—sometimes most forbidden—imagination, and come back out with new tales for you. They can be about your hot guy next door, a broody ex-military, a hitman, a vampire, a dangerous alien, or a lethal mobster.
I write them all, and breathe life into our forlorn lovers who only want what we all want—to find that special someone.
To belong.

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I write hot, dark romance with happy endings. My rough anti heroes take what they want, but my heroines don't fold easily. There are no stereotypes or cookie cutter plots to be found here. Be prepared for anything. Intended for an 18+ audience.


Morally gray heroes. Strong heroines. All the feels. Author of Break My Chains, West Coast Doms, Russo Saga, Her Vampire Hero and more.